Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Camille & Scott’s Wedding Highlights | Tyler, TX Videographer

One of the most special things about a wedding is the comingling of laughter and tears. The silly and joyful moments are side by side with the reflective and tender ones, and it all flows together amidst the day of celebration. Camille and Scott's wedding was a perfect example of this anomaly, with pure emotions carrying us on a rollercoaster all day (Vanessa may have ugly cried at one point.) We're so happy for these two, and as the lyrics say, we know there are many more "happy days coming their way".    

Camille said, "Vanessa!!!! I do not even know how to begin thanking you for the absolute jewel you have given Scott and I--the video was seriously perfect, every single second of it!! This is something we will treasure for years and years to come! Generations of my family will be touched by this wonderful video!! You and your husband are so amazing and I am so thankful that we were introduced to you two, you absolutely could not have captured the day more perfectly! Thank you so so much and tell your husband thank you from us as well!! You guys have given us more joy than you will ever know!! Thank you again and I hope you have a beautiful holiday!!"

Venue: Villa di Felicita
Photographer: Laura Burlton
Florist: La Tee Da  

Song used with permission.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Our Top 10 Favorite Epic Moments Ever

When you've filmed weddings for 10 years, you've seen a few Facepalm moments but you've also witnessed some moments that take your breath away or make you helplessly grin from ear to ear. Actually, I shouldn't say "some" moments; we've seen millions. Every wedding is made of a million special moments. But these are just a handful that stand out to us over the years...

1. When Heather walked down the aisle to Brad joyfully singing along with the live worship music.

2. When Chris and his groomsmen made a music video before the ceremony.

3. The pure joy that Susie and Jack, both recovering alcoholics and divorcees, exhibited during and after their ceremony.

4. Sara and BJ's amazing flash mob surprise, orchestrated by the groom's sister Laura. (This video went viral!)

5. When Ashley and Chase crowdsurfed at their reception.

6. When Kim's parents surprised her and Casey with a new Lexus as a getaway car and gift.

7. When Julie and Josh's reception was catered by Brent's favorite restaurant ever.

8. When Chris was so overcome with emotion as Kelly walked down the aisle that he fell to his knees.

9. Angela and BJ's Harlem Shake during the ceremony.

10. When Catherine and Mark had friends and family who were members of the "Dancing With the Stars" team. Best reception dancing ever.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Angela & BJ's Highlights in HD & Super 8 | Tyler, TX Videographer

We just love the beauty, energy, and love that was infused throughout Angela and BJ's wedding day. We captured the affair in HD and vintage Super 8, and put together this super fun highlights montage (which happens to have one of my favorite endings ever.) As you can see, these two are perfect for each other, and along with their daughter Addy (and another one on the way) they make a happy new family!

Angela said, "We received our videos and it's all AWESOME!!! Loved everything about it. Thank you again for all you guys did for our wedding. It was so much better than I could have imagined!! We are so grateful for the memories you've preserved for us forever :)"

Venue: Villa di Felicita
Photographer: Alex M Photography
Florist: La Tee Da
Uplighting: Tyler Uplights

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Friday, November 22, 2013

10 Years of Wedding Videography: Top 10 Facepalm Moments

 When you've filmed weddings for 10 years, you've seen a few things that just make you shake your head in wonder. Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order:

10. When the DJ emceed a 20 minute long anniversary dance. The couple that had been married for 50 years nearly died from exhaustion.

9. When the preacher, during the ceremony, said "There's no place for flannel pajamas in a marriage" and also "I have no idea where you go on a date if you don't have money."

8. When the 60-something-year-old groom fainted twice during the ceremony with his young mail order Ukrainian bride.

7. When Brent had to put the ring back on the groom's finger after our ring shot because he was too drunk to do it himself. The same groom also winked at Vanessa during the getaway and said "Call me."

6. When the groom's brother toasted the happy couple by saying "It's good to have a sister-in-law back in the family."

5. When the bride ran up and down the getaway line throwing up her dress and shouting "Look at my granny panties!!"

4. When Vanessa got nervous before one of her early weddings and threw up in the bushes along the aisle.

3. When the bride and groom had to use our footage as evidence in court.

2. When the groomsmen were praying for the groom before the ceremony, and a groomsman accidentally used the ex-girlfriend's name.

1. When Vanessa squatted on the dance floor to get a shot and her pants ripped straight up the middle seam in the back.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The McKellars 10 Year (Company) Anniversary!!

We are so pleased that The McKellars | Wedding Cinema is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being in business!! We can't believe it's been that long. Here's a little timeline of how far we've come.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jherica & Brian's Sneak Peek | Houston, TX Videographer

Jherica and Brian's wedding was a beautiful, classic affair set at Chateau Cocomar in Houston. Here's a little sneak peek of the festivities; more to come later!

Jherica said, "Vanessa! WE LOVE IT! It is so perfect!! We have been sharing with all of our families! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Location: Chateau Cocomar
Coordinator: Keely Thorne Events
Photographer: Kelli Elizabeth
Flowers and Rentals: Darryl & Co.
Catering: Cordua
Make-Up: The Perfect Face
Photo Booth: Cupics
Quartet: Divisi Strings
Wedding Painting: Susan Moss Cooper

Song used with permission.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Courtney & Shane's Wedding Highlights | East TX Videographer

Courtney and Shane had a fun, personal wedding day that was a joy to capture. We started out at Courtney's vacation ranch house where the ladies got ready, and then we all rode a mile in golf carts to a small lake where the first look took place. The portrait session with these two was a breeze- all we had to do was train our cameras on them while they flirted, laughed, kissed, and dipped, all without our direction. I remember at one point Brent and I were cruising through the colorful woods, with the dappled sun and crisp air on our faces, and I was just so especially in love with my job.

After the formals we headed to the church for the beautiful ceremony (check out that purple uplighting on the altar- love it!) But before the ceremony the bride and groom exchanged letters, which you will hear portions of in their highlights here.The reception followed at Centaur Arabian Farms, where we have wanted to film for a long time now. It did not disappoint- the café lights, s'mores bar, fire pit, and beautiful grounds all made for such a cozy atmosphere (which was only enhanced by the deluge of rain.)

Courtney and Shane have lived in exotic locales (she lived in China for a while, they got engaged in Thailand) and now they are settling in College Station to work in college ministry. Many blessings on their new life together!

Church: First Baptist Church, Athens
Reception: Centaur Arabian Farms
Photographer: Marissa Carey Photography
Coordinator: Diane Reis
Flowers: Two Dandelions
Band: Walton Stout Band
Vintage Car: Chauffeur Service By James Monroe

Song used with permission.

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