Sunday, October 7, 2007

Everyone's Doing It

So I’ve decided to jump into this mysterious (to me) world of blogging and start one of my own. I am a somewhat frequent reader of blogs and forums myself, so I figured it was only appropriate to contribute what I can to the blogosphere. My goal is to connect with, inspire, and educate present and future brides, especially those interested in videography. I suppose the appropriate thing to do at this point would be to “introduce” myself. I will start with a picture:

This is my favorite photo from our wedding. That’s my hubby Brent there; I think he’s so handsome. We were married in Central Texas on May 5th, 2007.

And secondly, a web site:

I’m a wedding videographer and that’s where folks can find info about my services. I’ve been videotaping weddings for 6 years longer than I’ve been married, and I love it. And I love being married too!

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