Sunday, November 4, 2007

Featured Vendor: Casey Jay Benson

Allow me to introduce to you perhaps the best photographer in East Texas: Casey Jay Benson. Here is his web site and here is his blog.

He photographed my wedding, and we are so incredibly happy with the results. All our friends and family who see our pictures comment on how amazing they are. In fact, several of them won WPPI awards, including this one from our engagement session:

And one of them is going to be published in The Knot Texas magazine in the Spring:

He's funny and easy to be around, super creative (we have like 10 completely different shots of just our rings), and reasonably priced. And if you happen to book both of us for your wedding, you have the advantage of two cinematographers that work extremely well together (sharing equipment, informing each other of important shots, kindly staying out of each other's shots, etc.) If you haven't figured out already, I think you should book Casey for your wedding.

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1 comment:

Casey Jay Benson said...

Your wedding Rocked! I have gotten so many compliments on your images. It's nice to know that the WPPI and the Knot liked them too:)

Vanessa can really identify with the modern bride, as you can see she just got married herself so she can understand the expectations that brides now have.