Monday, December 10, 2007

Recommended Vendor: Villa di Felicita'

If you're getting married in the East Texas area, you've very likely heard of The Villa. It's the newest, biggest, and grandest event location around. I've videotaped nearly a dozen weddings there since it opened in the Spring of '06, and I love it. (Check out the two previous posts for clips at this location.) The staff is really friendly and easygoing, and they've even gotten to know how I like a few particular things and they accomodate me every time.

(photos by Casey Benson)

The location itself is beautiful and all the details are attended to. The bride's room is well laid out and has a window that lets in great natural light. One of my favorite features at The Villa is the starry night sky in the reception hall created by fiber optic "stars" in the ceiling. It looks stunning in photos and video.

The head chef Ryan creates some really delicious menus, which are different at every wedding I attend. (And they have a chocolate fountain available too!) Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to have a wedding here is that you have the option of an indoor or outdoor ceremony. So if the weather's nice you can have your beautiful natural outdoor ceremony, but if the weather's nasty you're still covered.

Having stared at hours and hours of footage from The Villa, I can vouch that it's a really pretty and well-run facility. You should give them a call and see if they have your date available. If they do, you're a lucky bride!

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