Friday, October 26, 2012

Tossers: An Analysis

Because I've been to so many weddings, and because I find these things interesting, I've compiled a little list of the pros and cons of the various things that are tossed at the bride and groom during their getaway. While not the most important aspect of your big day, these little goods can affect the overall vibe of the grand finale to your event.

Rose Petals
Pros: We did these at my own wedding and they're my second favorite. Colors can match your theme. You will be slightly dodging the petals in a playful and fun way that creates energy, but without being hailed upon by little hard bits.

Cons: In photos, petals can be in front of your face, obscuring your features. This can make it difficult to get that one "perfect" image.

Photo by Alex M Photography. Notice how petals are covering the groom's face.

Pros: These are sweet and simple. When the bubbles catch the light they look neat in your imagery. Also, since they're clear they won't obscure your face in any of your photos. And of course, there's no clean up.
Cons: All your guests are blowing so they're unable to cheer as you go by. This makes for a pretty quiet getaway. They can pop on lenses and create spots in images.

Pros:  These items are affordable and can look cute packaged up in little pouches. Plus rice is uber traditional! (And word is that rice doesn't kill birds, despite what you have heard.)
Cons: Any male under the age of 21 will pelt you with it and you will end up having to race to the shelter of your car. You will have them in your mouth, hair, cleavage, and the folds of your dress. Your pictures will not show your face because you were ducking for dear life. Lots of clean up unless you're in the grass.

Photo by Alex M Photography.

Pros: These can be great at night because they can add ambient light where it's dark. They're pretty and festive and require little clean up -just have a place for guests to drop them afterward.

Cons: Must all be lit at approximately the same time and this is logistically tricky. Sparks can fly and burn your skin (and the skin of your videographer). If there are a lot of them and no breeze, they can create smoke which can cloud the imagery. And, though uncommon, there is a risk of fire. Two weeks ago a small blaze broke out on the porch at one of our weddings.

Tip: Buy the long ones!! This way the first ones lit will still be burning by the time the last ones are lit. Also, instruct guests to hold them up and over the couple instead of sticking straight out.

Ribbon wands
Pros: These are a great option for the DIY bride that wants something cute that prefectly matches her colors. It's fun for people to wave and adds dynamism to the imagery. Perfect for indoor getaways.

Cons: You have to make them (which can be expensive in addition to time-consuming), and then after the wedding you're stuck with them. You're not actually being "showered" with anything so that element of fun isn't present.

Tip: Place the wands in a pretty vase or bucket and dsiplay it on your gift table at the reception.

Flutter Fetti Confetti: My absolute favorite. This is a relatively new product which is why I didn't use it at my own wedding. You can order it in your custom colors. Guests flick the confetti out of little wands and it dances around in the air much longer than typical confetti. You can see it in actin in this short highlights.

Cons: Lots to clean up.

Other ideas: Poppers, streamers, confetti, kazoos, glow sticks.

Hope this info helps you ladies and gents make an informed decision about your getaway props!

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Sara said...

thanks for this! I actually had asked the photographer, but your pro/con list solidified it will be sparklers :)

Vanessa McKellar said...

Oh goodie, I'm so glad it was helpful to you! I think sparklers are the best choice. :)