Thursday, February 28, 2008

10 Tips for a Better Looking Wedding Video

1. Most importantly: It’s you and your fiance’s day! Do whatever you want to do, and put your unique stamp on everything.

2. Keep the room you’re getting ready in tidy.

3. Have your mom put your jewelry on after you get dressed. (And put your lipstick on after your dress- don’t want to get any smudges on your gown!)

4. Bright colors with lots of contrast look really pretty in photos and video (but of course, just pick colors you like!)

5. Don’t put the lights too low at the reception. With more light, the colors are more saturated and there is less grain in the image.

6. Walk down the aisle slowly.

7. Don’t chew gum. (Watch the guys on this one!)

8. Speak your vows clearly (no whispering).

9. In general, avoid looking at the camera. But you can interact with your videographer for fun.

10. Hold your bouquet low- it’s slimming. (And no, if you hold it in front of your ankles, you will not look like Kate Moss.)

Wishing you a beautiful wedding that celebrates what’s truly important: the commitment you will make to the love of your life!

*photo by Casey

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