Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Congrats Nicole and Cameron!

I am so happy to report that my dear sister is now officially engaged! Her wonderful boyfriend Cameron popped the question yesterday at sunset out on a boat in Galveston Bay.

Besided being thrilled that someone loves Nicole so much, I'm also excited for two other reasons:

1) I get to help her plan her wedding! Since she's in medical school and super busy, and since I am in the wedding industry, it makes sense that I help her out. I can't wait to go to bridal shows, watch her try on dresses, plan her bachelorette party, and just overall help her make decisions. I loved planning my own wedding, and I'm sure this will be just as fun, especially since I won't be under as much pressure. The event will take place in Houston in about a year.

2) I get to be a matron of honor! It was so great having Nicole by my side throughout the day, and it wouldn't have been the same without her. She contributed so much, including:

a) figuring out how to lace up my dress (minor emergency)
b) instructing the hairstylist how to style my hair correctly (minor emergency)
c) talking for me throughout the day since I had nearly lost my voice (minor emergency)
d) giving a lovely and touching toast
e) running to and fro throughout the reception as she got pulled in a million directions
f) myriad other things that I am certainly unaware of

Needless to say, I'm looking forward to being there for her in any way necessary. Stay tuned for more posts on this subject!

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