Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Heart of Texas

For our anniversary, Brent and I were able to take a week long vacation to my parent's ranch house in the area where we got married, which is around Brady, Texas. You'd think there wouldn't be a whole lot to occupy your time there, but we found we were comfortably active. (Although for the most part we kept to the South African vacation model our friend told us about: "Sleep 'til you're hungry, and eat 'til you're tired.") We slept late and were able to indulge in some yummy local fare: authentic Dublin Dr Pepper floats, Bar-B-Q from Hard Eight, lavender ice cream, liquid-center chocolates, and wine and cheese in Fredericksburg, and a fancy schmancy meal from the new August E's. Not to mention your basics like fajitas and snow cones and hot dogs. Anyway, enough about the food...mmm...the food...

We got to swim in the river, read on the hammock, shoot a gun, drive the four-wheeler, visit the chapel where we married, catch a (bad) movie at the one-screen theater, and our favorite- explore the unique hill country landscape. (Oh, and we also possibly decided on our future child's name!) It was a fabulous anniversary celebration. Now we're back to work but rested and ready to take on the world.

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