Friday, May 2, 2008

Nic and Cam: The Locations

Before I talk (write) too much more about color schemes, dresses, or any other details about my sister's wedding, I think I should tell you about where the events are taking place. My mom and I went down to Houston a couple months ago for a day of venue shopping with Nicole, and it was completely productive (and so fun too!!)
First up, the church!
Would you take a look at that! This exquisite place is the Chapel of St. Basil located on the University of St. Thomas campus. The chapel is reserved only for students and alumni of the university, but since Cameron's father has connections to the Archdiocese of Houston, they were able to get special permission to wed there. Though there are a lot of restrictions they must abide by, it's going to be totally worth it because it's such a unique and meaningful location. If you read a bit about it, you find that every detail and architectural aspect of the chapel is symbolic (even its location on campus). For example "the entrance, which is in the form of a huge tent flap. It represents the opening of the Tent of Meeting of the Old Testament. There is no door or any barrier at this point; the space of the narthex visible through the opening invites all to come in to meet their God." Pretty darn awesome.

If you drive from there straight into downtown, you'll find the reception venue: The Magnolia Hotel.

Nicole originally didn't want a hotel reception, but when we saw how well the Magnolia fits the modern aesthetic of the chapel, and how close it is, and convenient, she changed her mind. It's also perfect because all of the out-of-town guests (mostly our side of the family) will stay there and so be able to meet up and socialize at will. And getting ready in hotel rooms always looks good in photos and video. The ballroom is classy and neutral, but has enough details to make it interesting. There's another little aspect that we're super excited about: we're able to take any furniture from the 2nd and 3rd floor lobbies and move them into the ballroom to create lounge areas. Super cool!

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Casey Jay Benson said...

This wedding is going to be amazing. I am so looking forward to it.