Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Doesn't It Feel Good to Pay Less?

For the dress, that is!

Since I've been having a lot of dress posts lately, I thought I'd share a bit about my own wedding dress experience.
As we all know, getting married these days ain't cheap. But one of the fun aspects for me about planning my own wedding was finding ways to save money. If you think outside the box, you can save a bundle. Case in point- my dress. Right after we got engaged I became an Ebay hound, trolling the pages daily for a diamond in the rough. If you type "wedding dress" into the search box, Ebay allows you to enter search criteria such as color, size, sleeve style, and condition. So every day I would log on and and enter ivory, medium, strapless, and pre-owned. And one fateful afternoon this gem popped up:

I was instantly struck by the unique back. I looked closer and found that the dress was being sold by a company in Chicago that was liquidating a bridal shop, and it was a floor sample dress. The starting bid: $400, with no bidders yet. To make a long story short, I bid on the dress right before the auction ended, and being the only bidder I won it for $400 plus about $30 shipping. I will admit it was a bit scary buying a dress without trying it on or even knowing if it was my size (the sizing was European and therefore different than US size standards.) I figured if I hated it I could always resell. When I opened the box (at Starbucks with my girlfriends hovered around) it was beautiful. The fabric was different than I'd expected, but beautiful nonetheless. I took it home to Dallas to show to my mom and she liked it. Everyone liked it! A few alterations later it was my dream dress:

(photo by Casey)

But the cool thing here isn't neccessarily that I got a wedding dress for $400, but that this dress cost $3,517.00 retail. Yeah. So I saved over $3,000.00 on a European designer couture gown.

You can do it too, it just tales a little patience, persistance, and a willingness to risk. You can also try sites like this, this, or this.

And I also saved money on the bridesmaid dresses too! By purchasing them online at Netbride, I was able to save about $60 per dress. The ordering process takes a bit of time, but if you're on a budget you sometimes have more time than money. You can also buy new wedding dresses there too. Though this type of purchasing isn't for everyone, it's worth a try if you're a gal with champagne taste on a beer budget!

Please feel free to comment if you have any other money-saving ideas or tips.

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