Monday, June 2, 2008

Nic & Cam: Dress Shopping Pt. 1

Last week I got to participate in an event that I've been looking forward to for a long time: dress shopping with my sister! My mom and I drove down to Houston, and my grandma from Arizona also happened to be there too, so we had three generations of ladies. It was so much fun. (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

Jazz hands, cuz we're excited.

First stop was Brickhouse Bridal in The Woodlands, which carried some designers we liked and had sold dresses to several relatives of ours. It was a nice, big store and we got great service from Ashley. Here are the dresses we liked the most:

We nicknamed this one "Razzle-Dazzle" because the sparkle was just fabulous. Very sexy. But Nicole didn't feel it was "her".

The "Artsy" dress that we decided would be perfect for an artist getting married in an art gallery with art all know, very...artsy. But no bling and not terribly flattering in the bust area.

This was Nicole's favorite from this store, "The Medallion" dress. It has bling, shows off her figure, and is unique. But we were concerned with the square-ness of the neckline, and we also didn't like the placement of one medallion in particular.

So since we didn't find the perfect dress here, our search continued to Ventura's. While this store isn't much to look at, the selection was pretty broad (with more inexpensive dresses) and we got attentive service from Ms. Ventura herself.

This was our top runner at this store. It's a pretty dress by San Patrick, which is the sister company to my favorite (affordable) designer, Pronovias. We wanted to order the dress in white, but there was no way we could see a sample of the color. We decided that was too much of a gamble, so we wrote it off.

That concludes our first day of shopping. It was a blast, but there wasn't quite that "Aha!" moment that you hope for. Nicole looked beautiful in every single dress, but each one seemed to have a flaw. And when you're spending $1K plus on an item of clothing, you want it to be perfect.

Stay tuned for another post about our second day of dress shopping, when we hit the jackpot!

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