Sunday, August 10, 2008

Brides Beware: Pt. 1

In my 5+ years as a videographer I've attended over 80 weddings. So that means I've seen a lot- seen things go well (97% of the time) and seen a few glitches, tense moments, lack of foresight. There are a handful of these less-than-positive moments that seem to crop up more than others. As a public service to you, my dutiful readers, I am going to give you a little heads up and tell you what they are so you can do your best to avoid them. Here are my first four:

1) During the processional, I see coordinators (or whomever is in charge) send the bridesmaids out while the groom and groomsmen are entering the sanctuary from behind the altar. I think the coordinator hears the song change and sends the girls out, forgetting that the guys also use that song as their cue to enter. As you know, the guys come first, then the girls.

2) One moment in which I consistently see even the most relaxed brides get a little flustered is when they are having their veil put on. The sister or mom is trying to insert the comb securely, but the bride feels like she's having her lovely up-do pulled and tattered. FYI: to date, I have never seen a hair-do ruined by veil insertion, so don't worry.

3) If you are having candles at your outdoor ceremony or reception, make sure that you put them in very big containers. I made this mistake and had hundreds of beautiful candles in our backyard reception that went entirely unlit due to a very gentle breeze. So sad. Additionally, I've seen them in mason jars, but only the candles in the biggest jars stayed lit. If in doubt, do a test run.

Notice all the unlit candles in these pics (by Casey) from my reception?
4) Don't forget your bouquet when you recess back up the aisle after your kiss.

(Small disclaimer: Of course, if any of this jazz should arise at your own wedding...who the heck cares?)

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