Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chic, Sweet, and Cheap

I was inspired by Laura's wedding to make a post about Target's wedding collection, with its "Chic Choices, Sweet Prices". I think these dresses are pretty darn cute, and at about $30 each, your bridesmaid's will not only look smashing but they'll be happy about your consideration too. (Not that I look down upon expensive bmaid dresses; oftentimes I think they're worth it. But there's certainly something to be said about not asking your girls to fork over mucho moola. Plus, if you're only going to wear it once, it might as well be cheap. But really, these dresses could be worn again, I think!)

Now on to the wedding gowns. If you want to go really really budget, you could pick up your dress for about $100.

I'm curious about the quality of these though. I wonder if it might be better to buy a white evening gown from Bluefly for $100 more. I think this is the cutest one, but it got a few bad reviews:

I imagine the ordering process is pretty straightforward, and you wouldn't have to place your order months and months in advance like you would from a local wedding dress shop. And you could order multiple sizes and return the ones that don't fit. Feel free to comment below if you have had any experiences with Target's collection, or any other super-affordable dress alternatives.

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