Friday, August 1, 2008

Blair & Ryan

I had so much fun videotaping and editing Blair and Ryan's big day, mostly because there was so much eye candy everywhere. There were luscious pinkish-coral flowers that contrasted beautifully with the chocolate brown dresses and linens, and the color scheme was carefully carried throughout the day. And there were so many well-thought out details, including a DIY crystal cross the bride made for her bouquet, and handmade monogrammed centerpiece holders created by her father. Other "eye candy" elements include a host of adorable little kids, and of course the stunningly beautiful bride herself.

In this video, there's an excerpt from the processional which included 6 munchkins. It's always a gamble to have little ones this young in your ceremony, but if you're okay with it not being "perfect" (and you have a live musician) I think it's so much fun! Who doesn't love cute kids in dresses and puffy bows and suits just being themselves (ie. confused) in front of hundreds of strangers? (I was sure to include part of Blair's processional too, because if you're anything like me you'd want to see that too!)

And after the kiddos, you get to see one of my favorite elements from the wedding: big kitschy sunglasses for every guest! It sure made for a great photo/video opp.

Blair & Ryan from Vanessa McKellar on Vimeo.

Location: Villa di Felicita'

Flowers: La Tee Da

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