Friday, August 15, 2008

Nic & Cam: The Florist

One of the big vendors that we were looking forward to hiring for Nicole's wedding was the florist. Our mom loves flowers, and I think she passed that passion onto us girls. So we get pretty excited at the prospect of creating a lovely pallette of flowers for the big day.

I was perusing Weddingwire and I came across Pod Flower Studio. I liked the fresh, simple name so I clicked through to the web site and was instantly impressed. (All photos from their web site):

Not only did they create really pretty arrangements, but they also seemed to have a true passion for flowers, with pictures from their own personal garden, and tips and guides on how to pick your wedding flowers. Nicole called and talked to Iris (appropriate name, no?) and felt like she really understood her vision. (In fact, she suggested using feathers when only two days earlier Nicole had wondered aloud about the same thing!) An appointment was made, and several weeks later we found ourselves at a table set with hot tea, poring over pictures of flowers.

Iris asked a ton of questions (good sign) and wanted pictures of everything- the locations, the dress, the hairpiece, etc. After a couple hours, the vision was solidified, and then the topic of budget came up. We told her the floral budget, and Iris said that was plenty, and that she would probably be able to do it for much less than that. How cool is that?!

Although of course we haven't seen the finished product, we are pretty confident we're going to be extremely happy with Pod Flower Studio. Iris is an artist, a good listener, intuitive, creative, and very professional. If you're a Houstonite in the market for a florist, check her out!

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Nicole said...

I like Iris so much and am glad you were able to highlight her in your blog. I second your recommendation for anyone in the Houston area.