Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Road Trip: Part 1

Brent and I just returned home from our nearly two-week trip to Florida. Overall we had fun, but we found that we were quite ready to come back to Tyler and catch up on business (it sure piles up!), eat a home-cooked meal, and sleep in our own bed. But of course as a dutiful blogger I must post about the trip!

The first stop in our road trip was New Orleans. Neither of us had been there, and we figured it was time to check it off our list of cities visited. I found a great deal on the internet for a pretty nice hotel on the edge of the French Quarter, and it served as a good launching point for our explorations. We walked around the French Quarter and along the river (and into the breathtaking church in the bottom right photo) the afternoon that we arrived, and that evening we had a unique and tasty dinner at Cafe Degas, a quaint little restaurant that was the top recommendation for a romantic dinner. Our waitress told us about her favorite little sweet shop, so we headed there afterward and indulged in coffee, fresh connoli, and few other bizarre Italian treats.

By now it was dark and we figured we were obligated to check out Bourbon Street. We quickly realized that we like this area more during the day. But when we found Pat O'Brien's Piano Bar we relaxed and got carried away by the entertainment. On our way back to the hotel, we ducked into a dance club and boogied to all of 3 songs (you know, songs we hear every weekend at weddings but we're not allowed to dance to). The next morning we stopped by Cafe Du Monde and ate a pile of sugary beignets complemented by a cup of cafe au lait. It was delicious, and fascinating to watch the wait-staff work (they actually have to buy each item before they serve it!)

So that pretty much concluded our high rollin' in The Big Easy! Next we proceeded to our condo at Perdido Key in the Gulf Coast. I was super excited about bumming on the beach for nearly two days, but the pervasive stinging jellyfish and biting flies sort of put a damper on that. But we did get to eat seafood while we overlooked the view in the bottom left picture. My two favorite parts were walking on the beach with Brent: once at sunset where we observed a man catch a fish that looked like a tiny whale and a catfish combined (well, sort of observed; I got really excited and ran up and got all involved and "helped" the fish make its way back into the water after the fisher released it), and the second at midnight where we watched a neon red moon slide behind the ocean. The next morning, we said goodbye to the sea and set off on leg two of our journey...

Up next: Orlando and the WEVA Expo!

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Nicole said...

You're such a phenomenal writer. It's a pleasure to read your writing. Sounds like a great trip that I would want to go on. In fact, I kind of feel like I did after reading your post. Wish the pictures could get bigger, but they look nice anyway. Can't wait for more.