Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Road Trip: Part 2

(Part 1)

After Perdidi Key we headed to Orlando and the beautiful Marriot Grand Lakes Resort for the Wedding and Event Videographers Association's annual Expo. We spent the next four days getting up early (well, earlier than we're used to) to attend various sessions put on by industry leaders. Some of the sessions we attended: The Tools of Documentary Storytelling, Weva Live!: Ceremony (where they have a real bride and groom to demonstrate techniques with), Top 10 Editing Tips, Finding a Movie in Every Person, and more. Some were good, some not so great. I actually wish I had gone in my first year or two of business.

We also cruised around the Trade Show Floor where we learned about new products and such. I tested out this glidecam vest. Would you like me showing up at your wedding looking like Robo-Videographer?

With barely any time to relax in the hotel's lazy river, we had to scoot off to St. Augustine. Our friends love this city (it's the oldest one in the States!) so we had to give it a try. Unfortunately, we didn't give ourselves enough time here so we slept away some valuable sight-seeing time. But we did enjoy ourselves. This place is certainly worth checking out if you're going to be in Florida.

top: Where we ate dinner the first night. Nice view, eh?

left: The little cottage we rented, which was in the shadow of...

right: The Lighthouse! This is where Brent learned that I am afraid of heights.

We also got to eat caramel apples, roam the old timey shop area, watch a wedding getaway, explore a fort made of bits of shell, and pour over antique books for half an afternoon in a used book store. After two nights here it was back on the road to good ol' T-Town. Certainly not a relaxing vacation (more of a trip, really), but we're glad we did it. We now have plans to spend a month in one location overseas. On my list of options: Scotland, New Zealand, or Croatia.

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