Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If You Had to Pick One

Today Brent and I were perusing other videographers' sites when we came across a certain video clip. It's a highlights montage of a wedding in New York City by a company called Open Eye Media.

Watch the clip here.

Now, after watching the clip, are you as stunned as I am? I've never seen or heard of anything like that in my life. These two had Preston Bailey (!) decorate the space, fine catering, live entertainment, a first dance, etc...all alone. That's right, just the two of them. (And photogs and videographers and the officiant.) No family members or friends. It's sort of like the most amazing date ever.

I can't figure out exactly how I feel about it. On one hand marriage is about the love between two people, and if you want it small (very small), why not? And why not make it absolutely lavish and fabulously indulgent too? And then show everybody the video later? On the other hand, there's something bittersweet about it. I can't imagine making a committment like that without having the physical presence and emotional support of those that I love all around me. And man, I would sure be disappointed if my own child didn't want me at his or her nuptuals. What do you think?

And for pretty much the exact opposite of the above wedding, check out this. Which event would you prefer for yourself?

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brooke schwab photography said...

i think that if i had to pick one....i would pick the first one! it sounds crazy but you can tell that they were in a state of togetherness. i don't think it was about the elaborate decor or proving a major point. i think they wanted to celebrate themselves and their love with each other. i think lots of brides these days forget that part of a wedding and choose to go the traditional route because they think they have to. after it is all said and done they only have each other. looks like they have support of the parents too. maybe i would have the guests arrive a little later though. :) i love my friends and family too!

*Quel said...

Even though it was unbelievably gorgeous I feel the entire emotional aspect of the day is lost if your family is not there to witness it.

Isn't there a saying like 'Love is nothing, if not shared'...that's how I feel about weddings...

But the video was pretty cool...way to go Preston!

Tara said...

Vanessa, I completely agree with what you said about having your family and friends there, and how horrible would you feel to not be able to witness that amazing experience with your child.
The other was quite extreme as well LOL. Thats the great thing about weddings, its yours!!! You can do it how you want!!!!

Nicole said...

I like the idea of the second one because I keep preaching to other brides that they don't have to get sucked into the bride industry craze and feel guilty if they don't. But, I could never do it. There is something to be said for tradition, which includes doing certain things. Doesn't mean they have to be done a certain way, rather it's about the meaning. The first couple, while I could never do what they did either because of lack of friends and family, did have tradition (everything but the guests) and it seemed meaningful to them. I didn't get the sense from the second wedding that there was any meaning to the couple.

Vanessa McKellar said...

OK my turn!!

For the longest time I had no idea which I would choose, but after Brent said he would pick the first one, I gotta concur. I mean I'm a wedding videographer! The reason I got into this business is because I adore weddings- not only the comittment aspect of it, but also all the beauty, thought, and fanfare that are part of the event. For me personally to not have the lovely dress, the flowers, the music, the details- I would feel robbed. Maybe that's shallow, but it's true.
I like what Brooke said about them being in a state of togetherness; that did seem to be the case. And yes, having your guests come later would be the perfect compromise. Nicole, that's a good point about the second couple not having any meaning to the affair. It was just, like, a scavenger hunt and then a little gathering in the street. Oh, and some vows too.

I admit not having your family there is really extreme, and I could NEVER do it, but hey, that's what the video is for! :)