Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Wedding: The Very Beginning

I suppose before I tell the story of Brent's proposal, I should first recount how we met! It all began in the summer of '04. I had just moved to Tyler and was driving to some friends' house, when a basketball rolled in front of my car. I stopped, and motioned for the guy chasing it to go ahead and retrieve his ball. He then motioned for me to go ahead instead, so I did. As I drove off, I thought to myself, "If that kid isn't 13, he's cute."

(Brent's rendition of that fateful moment, on a card he made for me years later)

Ten minutes later, he walks into my friends' house. Turns out he's a buddy of their's in town for the weekend from Linden, a small town 80 miles from Tyler. We chatted; I thought he was interesting. He thought I was...well, actually he didn't think much at all. He didn't even really notice me!

Fast forward several months and a few parties later (one at which, incidentally, he did notice me.) I dropped a hint to our mutual friends that I might be interested in Brent, and they went into a tizzy of excitement and within one week he was back in Tyler for a few days. We were both pretty nervous when we first saw each other this time, with the common knowledge that we were officially liking one another. We had dinner with our friend (I remember sitting next to him in the car and our arms barely touching and feeling that electricity between us), then he came over to my place. We proceeded to do fun and silly things together, including take pictures. This picture below was taken on that night, the night of September 6th, when it all officially started.

At the end of the night he asked me to go on a date the next weekend. From that moment, Brent was in Tyler every single weekend, and we were inseparable.

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