Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nic & Cam: Save the Date!

Well, now it's really official, because the save-the-dates have been mailed! I wanted to share with you the super-cute STD's (that's wedding-industry slang for "save-the-dates"---I know, sorry) that Nicole and Cameron sent out. They were designed by Amy Dale, who is the sister of Laura. I fell in love with all of Laura's paper items at her wedding, and inquired about who made them. Turns out it was her sister, and we got in touch with her and found out that she was indeed very talented, and reasonably priced to boot. So Nicole commissioned her to design her paper suite for the big day. It's been a breeze working with Amy, and she's so creative and kind. You brides should definitely check her out. So here's the STD:

It's cute, isn't it?! My mom took the pics with the little old point and shoot, and Amy doctored them up to look a little photo-boothy. I love the energy here, and I think it's a great way for people who don't know the two as a couple to get a feel for their "vibe". You can tell that they're both super nice people, don't take themselves too seriously, and that they're going to have a FUN wedding.

And here's the (admittedly less interesting) back. Notice that the important details are all there: names of the B and G, date of the event, and location (the city, at least.) I've seen some STD's lately that don't include all of this info, and it can make your guests play the guessing game. Of course, like Nicole did, this is also a perfect place to introduce your guests to your wedding web site. Let me also point out that there is no registry information here. That's what the wedding web site and word of mouth are for. For some reason that is my biggest wedding pet peeve-mentioning one's registry boldly in every piece of printed material that is sent out. It's just plain bad etiquette! Anyway, I digress.
Next up are the invitations! They are almost completely designed, and they're really beautiful and unique. Once all the invited guests receive theirs, I'll give you readers a peek!

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*Quel said...

That is an awesome Save the Date...such a cute idea*