Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Seeing Green means Saving Green

Okay, only those of you in East Texas will get the title, but it's my way of introducing the topic of green weddings- green in the environmental sense. I just stumbled upon this blog post by Opalene Papers in Denver, and I thought it was pretty informative. I've read about green weddings before, but this article had some tips I hadn't heard before, including:

-Have your wedding during the day to save electricity used for lighting

-Keep events near each other to reduce fuel emissions

-Have a small wedding; it can, for example, reduce the number of table cloths that need to be laundered

Although I didn't intentionally have a green wedding, I think there were some environmentally friendly things about it. We had a candle-lit ceremony (although we didn't use soy or beeswax candles), it was pretty small: 80 people and five tables, and our ceremony and reception were about two miles from one another (even though people had to drive four to six hours to get there, but we won't mention that!) Also, we didn't use very much paper- no save-the-dates and no programs. I think it's great to keep in mind mother earth when you plan your big day. (Although, let's be honest, I think personal preference and convenience reign supreme when most of us girls plan our weddings.)


Is there anyone else who is planning to, or did have, a wedding with some "green" elements?

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