Friday, January 23, 2009

Nic & Cam: The Shoes

Nicole was faced with a bit of a challenge when it came to selecting her wedding shoes. You see, Cameron is a wee bit shorter than Nicole, and they didn't want Nicole to be considerable taller than Cam on their big day, so flat shoes were in order. And I know from experience as a tall girl that cute, fancy flat shoes are really hard to find. And this was no exception. Nicole ordered several different shoes, and every time she would receive them and try them on, they were all ugly! (Or at least just weird and misproportioned.)

So Nicole was always surfing the net trying to find a hidden gem. And lo and behold, one day her searching was rewarded with this baby, The Paradox Pink:

Even though they were a sandal, we thought they were worth a try so Nicole got on the ball and called some local dealers. And what do you know, the shoes are from England and they don't ship to the states!

But to make a long story short, a lady from one of the shops knew someone that was coming in from England so she had that person bring them over with him. Pretty cool eh? So she got them the other day, and tried them on, and they look great! Success! They're flat, sparkly, modern, and unique- perfect for Nicole. Plus, since they're dyeable, she might dye them black after the wedding and be able to wear them out and about.

Now Nicole's ensemble is complete!

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