Monday, February 2, 2009

Amber & Zach

You may remember Jessica's wedding from several months ago...well, now it's her sister's turn! Amber and Zach tied the knot at The Villa on a sunny afternoon and everything was just so cheery and relaxed. I love the still frame from the video below: bright colors and flowers, clear blue sky, and happy faces. When the sun set, it was all about the dancing! The floor was packed all night, and the newlyweds were inseparable as they boogied the night away.

Amber & Zach from Vanessa McKellar on Vimeo.

Location: Villa di Felicita'
Photographer: Casey Jay Benson
Florist: The Flower Girl, 903.509.3839
DJ: Dave Goldman's Music on Wheels, 903.882.8240

Amber said, "I got my video!!! I LOVE it! You are awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!!"

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Northernlight Filmworks said...

Nice work Vanessa...good use of voice over and natural audio to enhance the piece.