Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pretty Littles

I've seen some super cute little things lately and I thought I'd share them with my (mostly female) readers, because well, they're just so darn cute!

Let's start with this little arrangement I bought for my mom's birthday gift. I picked it up at Garden Style Florist here in Tyler and we think it's adorable. I even got to pick which color flowers I wanted in the container, and a matching ribbon to make a bow (that you can't see). My mom loves it and has it in the window by her kitchen sink.

Next we have a sweet little tea-time vignette. My mom, my sister, my grandmother and I were all together for my sister's bridal shower, and so we had some tea together one evening. My mom made these cookies from scratch and used a special cookie cutter that makes a little groove so that you can hook the cookie onto a teacup. I couldn't resist taking a picture before we daintily dug in.

And lastly, here is a beautiful floral arrangement that my hubby picked up for me for Valentine's Day. It's from La Tee Da Flowers on the Square, and I just love it. I have it right next to my computer as I edit, and it brightens everything and smells wonderful too. Thanks Brent!

Hope you enjoyed this little foray into the land of girly foo-foo stuff!

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1 comment:

Nicole said...

That camera is awesome! And I love the arrangement from Brent. He's so sweet.