Thursday, March 12, 2009

Casey Benson Underwater

Casey Benson recently enlisted me to make him a video of one of his famous underwater shoots. If you haven't seen any of his underwater photos yet, you're in for a treat. Casey got his scuba diving license specifically for these shoots, and all his hard work has paid off. These pictures are stunning. It was so fun for me to do this shoot because it was such a challenge. I wore a snorkel mask and strapped weights to my wrists and ankles, and held my breath underwater for every take. I had to try to stay down under the water while at the same time keeping the camera steady- just a little tricky.

If you have a decent internet connection, you must watch it in HD.

Casey Benson Underwater from Vanessa McKellar on Vimeo.

But what's harder than shooting the video is actually modeling for these. You have to hold your breath, keep your eyes open, have a pleasant look on your face, keep your limbs graceful, AND make sure your hair flows behind you and not in your face. I know this because Brent and I asked Casey to take some pics for us a while back. Brent ended up having to just stand in the water while I posed around his legs! We love the way it turned out though.

These photo sessions are available to anyone that's interested, just get in touch with Casey if you want to make an appointment! And you can see more of these underwater pics here on his blog.

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David said...

what?? you mean you can't use your steadicam under water? haha..

this was an awesome video! did you have a waterproof casing for your camera or something?

Vanessa McKellar said...

Thanks David! Yeah, Casey lent me a plasic casing thing. It was made for still cameras, but the consumer video cam Casey let me use fit into the part meant for the lens, if that makes sense.