Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mrs. Schick

I've scheduled this post ahead of time to be published right about the time that my sister will be walking down the aisle to Cameron to say her vows. Wow. What a moment. I already know that she is breathtakingly beautiful. I've seen her dress fittings, her hair and make-up trials, her jewelry tests...I know they will all come together to make Nicole even more pretty than she already is. I'm sure she is incredibly excited at this moment, and I know Cameron's heart is nearly pounding out of his chest at the sight of his bride. Everyone in attendance is craning to catch a sight of her as she glides down the aisle. My dad will be smiling and proud, and my mom will be touched and proud too. My brother will fondly look on as a groomsman, and possibly wonder for a fleeting moment when it will be his turn.

I'll look on and marvel at how fast it's all going. At times the planning seemed to go on forever, then the wedding weekend arrived and everything picked up its pace. And then the ceremony was here in a flash, and now look, she's already nearly at the end of the aisle. How did that happen? After few moments, a few words, one kiss, my sister will be married. Mrs. Schick. And so the journey begins...

Now let's get the party started.

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Nicole said...

This is such a sweet post. I had a marvelous, awesome, exciting, happy, moving, emotional, amazing day. I must say I think my most favorite moment of the whole weekend was saying my vows to Cameron and him saying his to me. Our gazes were locked and it was such an amazing thing to share with someone. I love him so much and am delighted to be Mrs. Schick!

Vanessa McKellar said...

YAY! I feel the same way about the day too. Even though I couldn't see your face during the vows, it was so awesome to be there right up next to you and hear it all, and see Cam's face. Very precious to me.

Sorry I missed your call yesterday, but call be when you get a chance!