Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nic & Cam: My Favorite Moments

Whenever I'm talking with someone after they've experienced a big vacation or an important event, I like to ask them what their top three favorite moments were. The answers are always much more revealing than if I were to simply ask: "How was it?" So here on my blog I'm going to post my top three favorite moments of my sister's wedding day. I'm also going to ask Nicole (and maybe Cameron) to do the same thing!

1. Helping Nicole get ready. This was one of my favorite parts of my own wedding, so I was really looking forward to it. It's the time when you start to realize that everything is coming together: the bridesmaids are all gathered and dressed in their preselected ensembles, the photographer and videographer are in the room, and there is just so much excitement! Nicole reserved a small suite for her preparations, and we made sure that it was extremely tidy and orderly. There was natural light coming in through the windows, and the bouquets were waiting on the table.

Perhaps the highlight of this phase was actually seeing Nicole in her dress. I hadn't seen it post-alterations, and it fit her perfectly. (Before the alterations, Nicole was worried that the dress wasn't flattering on her.) I helped her put her veil on. Actually, my veil! I let Nicole use it and it was an amazing compliment to her dress. Shoes, earrings, make-up touch-ups, and she was ready! Time for a few pictures in front of the window. Here's a little teaser for you:

(photo by Casey Benson)

It looks like number one of my top three ended up being longer than I expected, so this one post will actually be three!

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Georgeann said...

I love your post about the top three things you loved about Nicole's wedding. You are so clever, but we already knew that! I can't wait to read about the other top two.