Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Wedding: The Proposal

Our proposal story is quite simple. It was some time in October nearly three years ago, and Brent and I were spending the evening together at my place. He was a bit under the weather, so he asked me to go buy him some soup at Walgreens. I obliged, and when I came back home through the door, the apartment was dark and there were candles lit in the living room. Brent was waiting there for me, and he said some sweet nothings, then got down on one knee and popped the question. I actually didn't believe it was real until I saw the ring glinting in the candle light in its little box. Of course I said yes.

I actually have a video of the whole thing, because that was the one "requirement" I had regarding the proposal. However, I'm sad to say that I won't be showing it here. My own dignity prevents that. I was wearing my infamous "J-Lo" suit (you know, the soft zip-up jacket thing with matching elastic-waist pants that is uber-comfortable and uber-ugly), and my hair was a mess, etc. Not exactly a look I'm willing to display on the internet. But here is a still frame from the video, when we were excitedly yelling at the camera and showing off the bling:

So after that, we changed into more presentable duds and went to celebrate at the restaurant where we had our first date. Before we left, we had our neighbor take a picture to commemorate the occasion.

This was such an exciting time for us. It was a thrill telling all our friends and family the good news. I loved staring down at my beautiful vintage ring knowing that I was wanted forever. And the best part for me was knowing that Brent had waited two years to put that ring on my finger. He wasn't one of those guys that you have to wait on, or cojole in order to get the committment. He was eager and ready and willing the entire time, and that's something that will always warm my heart.

Now that we were engaged, I had the green light to commence wedding planning!

Our Wedding: The Courtship

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Alex said...

i demand video.

Vanessa McKellar said...

I can't! I can't do it!

Nicole said...

Yes you can do it. Honestly, I don't really notice your outfit or other stuff. I think you should post it. Weren't you considering posting my special video?!?

Also, I can't believe how young you look. I feel like a grandma saying it, but my you have wonderfully aged my dear little sister. Hehe