Monday, March 2, 2009

VideoMonday: "I Want You to Be My Love"

For today's installment of VideoMonday, I'd like to feature a song (or more specifically, videos accompanied by a certain song). If you watched my sister's Love Story, the last song you heard was Over The Rhine's "I Want You to Be My Love". I've always liked this song, but I was recently reintroduced to it by my sister. She said that the husband and wife members of Over The Rhine were at one point having marriage trouble. So they decided to cancel a tour, take time off, and just focus on rebuilding their relationship. Thankfully, they were able to work things out and stay together. And this song? It's the first track on their album that is "the 'catharsis' album of the breakdown -and subsequent restrengthening- of their relationship".*

I found this beautiful video on YouTube and I think it's a nice way for you to hear the song.

I also love this song for another reason: my dear friend Brent used in a video he created (in vintage Super 8) to propose to his then-girlfriend Lisa. You can watch it here (it'll take a second to load). Brent and Lisa got married several autumns ago in a white-clapboard chapel in the plains of Minnesota, and their reception was at an apple orchard. They played this video on a screen during their first dance. I was so happy to be there to witness (and hear) the loveliness.


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