Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Dream Venue, Part II

Yesterday I posted Part I of my list of ideal location features. Here's the second half:

The Groom's Room

I'm sorry guys, but no TV! They mess up my audio, and generally sports don't mesh too well with the romantic vibe.

Bold colors, and maybe even some cute "props" for the guys to mess with to get them to loosen up. They always seem to be a little stiff. Maybe it has something to do with a chick videotaping them getting ready, I dunno...

The Ceremony

Outside! Outdoor ceremonies are so pretty and much easier to shoot because I can freely move around. It's better for me, and also gives the client more of a variety of shots because I'm not constrained to a dark little corner in the balcony. Plus, they're just pretty.

But if it must be indoors, leave lots of space in the edges of the room for me to move around, and also have a large "altar" area so I can get shots of the bride and groom when they face the officiant. The edges of the space would be dark and unlit so I can lurk unseen in my black get-up.
No big flower arrangements or candelabras up front to block my shots.

A long aisle to draw out the bride's processional.

Not too spotlighted on the "altar" area. This causes everyone in the audience to be underexposed.

Crisp colors: reds, whites, blacks, etc. Lots of brown and beige looks a little funky to me personally.

The Reception Hall

Fabulously, ornately, tastefully designed and decorated!

Spotlights on every single centerpiece and of course the cake. Plenty of light everywhere, in fact.

No exit signs to show in the background of my shots.

The dance floor must be directionally lit with lots of colorful lights, and it must have room on all sides for me to move around.

A balcony for me to get the occasional high and wide establishing shot.

A ceiling like The Villa's: fiber optic stars!

(photo by Casey Benson)

Super attentive staff that that gives me a heads up whenever something's about to happen, and that fetches me food and cake during downtime. ;)

So that's it! I'm sure I could go on and on, but this is all the stuff I've thought of before. Can you think of anything I'm missing?

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Georgeann said...

Hi Ness,

If I were a bride-to-be I would find this tips MOST helpful. You certianly know your profession, and it shows in your work, too.

Keep up the good work!