Monday, April 13, 2009

My Dream Venue: Part I

As an event videographer, I have learned how to adapt to shooting in all sorts of locations and constraints. It's all part of the job, and I don't think much of it. However, occasionally when something about a location is really bugging me, I tend to daydream about what the ideal wedding venue would be. I've made a list here of all the things a perfect place would have. If this place exists, please tell me where and I will move there right now.

The Exterior

Landscaped like The Butchart Gardens. This alone would be stunningly overwhelming and I might start crying and rolling around in beds of pansies or something. I love doing nature shots and it's one of my favorite parts of my job. (Sometimes I like to pretend I'm working for National Geographic.)


Located in a climate with constant bright blue skies and gorgeous puffy clouds (for my time-lapse shots).

No cars allowed to park in front.

Lavish, intricate architecture. Cathedral-esque, if you will.

The Bride's Room

Pretty large rectangle shape, with one short end of the room being made up entirely of windows.

Walls hung with black velvet. Sounds weird, but people pop and look really beautiful in front of a saturated black background. Maybe one wall would be a pretty sky blue (I like colors that contrast with skin).

A fabulous place to hang the dress, with a pretty hook, in front of maybe stained glass or a tapestry or something.

Not too many mirrors, as this makes it hard to stay out of your own and the photog's shots. But it would have one huge gilded mirror for that classic "bride-checking-herself-out" shot. Or more commonly, the "flower-girl-checking-herself-out" shot.

Plenty of nice furniture upon which to set accessories for close-ups. A red velvet fainting couch would be cool too.

This post ended up being longer than I anticipated, so I'll post the second half tomorrow!

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Georgeann said...

I love your fantasy venue post. And the Buchart Gardens were especially touching to me since Grandma Hubbard went there and her dream is for our family to go, as well. She knew we would "faint" over it just like you said in your post.

Reading you eloquently written post reminds me all over again how artistic you are, not just with your camera, but with your mind and heart. I love you!

Allen Arrick said...

I'm loving these posts. You're spot on with everything!

It certainly gets your imagination going.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Vanessa! As a photographer, I have to say that the photographs would be extra special at your fantasy venue!