Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nic and Cam: The Reception Venue

I remember vendor reviews being pretty helpful for me when I was planning my own wedding, so I thought I'd post a some reviews of a few of the vendors from my sister's recent wedding. First up, we have the Magnolia Hotel, which is where all the out-of-town guests stayed and also where the reception took place.

First, the positives. This hotel is in the heart of downtown so you are very centrally located. The decor is nice, and they have happy hour with free drinks in the evening and then later free milk-and-cookies before bedtime. Brent and I slept extremely well there, which is saying a lot for me since I'm a light sleeper. As far as the wedding goes, we were all very pleased with how things looked. The ballroom was perfect for Nicole's modern-style wedding. They let us pull furniture from the third-floor lobby area into the ballroom for some swanky seating. Plus, that lobby area was perfect for the cocktail hour.

All right, now on to the negatives, which I'm sad to say are numerous. In fact, to make it easier for me, I'm going to just list them out bullet-style:

- People at the front desk aren't entirely on top of things. You would tell them to convey info to a vendor, and they wouldn't, they got names wrong for reservations, etc.

- They used the sheet cake in the back to cut tiny pieces of cake for the guests, but left most of the main cake untouched.

- The food wasn't as tasty and pretty as the sample menu Nicole tasted months before.

- They booked a wedding one floor below Nicole's for the same time, something they originally said they wouldn't do (because the floors are somewhat open to each other by a large staircase.)

- The coordinator left before the reception was over, which is something she said she wouldn't do. This led to: a wedding crasher, unattended wedding gifts (money!), unattended guest book which was then signed as a joke by one the young volleyball girls staying at the hotel, and also an attempt by one of those girls to steal Nicole's bouquet after the getaway. Not cool.

- And perhaps the most frustrating problem was that the wedding coordinator changed probably four times over the course of Nicole's engagement, so info kept changing and knowledge was at a minimum.

That's all I can think of at the moment, though I'm sure there's more. For any of you brides considering a modern downtown Houston wedding reception, I hope this is helpful!

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Georgeann said...

Good points and very fair,in my opinion.

Of course, you were able to help make Nicole's day wonderful as her maid of honor. Thank you for everything you did for her, especially the 12 months leading up to the wedding. You were truly like a wedding planner, but better.


P.S. We're at Pleasant Places and I miss you. Sure had fun with you yesterday.

Nicole said...

I completely agree with everything you said. In fact, you were a lot nicer in the way you said it than I would have been. To anyone looking for a venue in Houston...DON'T use the Magnolia Hotel. Too much of a risk as to what service you will get. It all worked out but this aspect was the most stressful of all of wedding planning.