Friday, May 1, 2009

Casey & Cayce

This wedding was so great because Casey and Cayce were high school sweethearts and have known each other for thirteen years (and they're not that old!) They were friends for years and then love blossomed and they ended up at the Villa one evening reciting wedding vows to each other. So sweet! Below is an excerpt from the beginning of their video. I love it because you get to see the excitement and love that surround Casey and Cayce on their big day. And then through the letters that they wrote to one another, we get to see the excitement and affection that the bride and groom share. It's just simply a happy day for every person involved, and well, that makes me happy.

Casey & Cayce from Vanessa McKellar on Vimeo.

Casey said, "We received the video!!! It is AMAZING :) I laughed, I cried and I 've already watched it 3 times. I just want to tell you thank you so much from me and Cayce. You and Brent are an amazing team! You are blessed with a wonderful gift and I am so grateful that you were able to share it with us. Cayce and I have made a promise that every year on our anniversary, we will watch our wedding video together. I'm so excited that I will be able to relive the best day of my life over and over again! Once again, thank you and God bless you and your husband."

Location: Villa di Felicita'
Photographer: Jenny Leigh
DJ: CMB Music Productions

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Nicole said...

Such a lovely clip. I like how relaxed the bride is (I'm a little jealous I think of how chill her day seemed) and she seems to really be in the moment. I also like the ambient audio you included, it really enriched the clip.

Georgeann said...

Wow, another touching (of course I cried) and artistically executed portrayal of a speical couple's wedding day.

Your gift from the Lord touches lives. It certainly does mine!