Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nic & Cam: Hair and Make-up

In today's installment of "Nic & Cam" I'm going to rewind a little and talk about our hair and make-up trials.

Hair and make-up can be the crowning touches on a perfect wedding day ensemble, and my sister wanted to find the studio that could expertly achieve a great look. We did some internet searches, asked for referrals, and did one trial before we found our winners: Cara Dulce. The Cara Culce studio is located downtown which was perfect for our needs.

We scheduled a hair and make-up trial with my mum, me, and Nicole and had a fun afternoon getting beautified. Here is Nicole's "before" picture, sans any make-up. Because this is my blog and I have complete control over it, I am permitted to not post a before picture of myself.
Here Nicole is very pretty, but it's an everyday pretty.
After a few hours and some fun chit chat, we were admiring our new looks. I remember I kept looking over at Nicole and exclaiming, "Wow, you look SO pretty!!!" Here is her "after" picture. Not the most natural expression but you get the idea. Her hair ended up looking somewhat different on the wedding day, but this was enough to let us know that we were in capable hands.

And here is a picture that Brent took several hours later of the three of us. Nicole let her hair down so that Cameron wouldn't see the final style, and it still looks cute! Doesn't my mom look beautiful?

I was really pleased with how my look turned out. The make-up was natural enough (which is somewhat of a miracle, given most make-up artists' propensity to cake on the spackle), and the hair was something I couldn't do on my own, but it was more casual than Nicole, which we wanted. I didn't even come in with an inspiration picture or idea, and Sara came up with this style and I think it's perfect. My hair was a wee bit too long at this point for this look, so I trimmed it up before the big day. Also, on the day of the wedding we ended up doing airbrush foundation for me. It was worth the extra cost because I cried during the ceremony, and airbrush is waterproof.

In short, Cara Dulce turned out to be one of our favorite wedding vendors. We three ladies are extremely picky and we were all satisfied with our looks. And most importantly, they made Nicole look a vision of loveliness on her big day.

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Nicole said...

If anyone is getting married in Houston...go to Cara Dulce! The two ladies that make up Cara Dulce, Sara and Julia, are awesome. They're fun and skilled. I really enjoyed the experience and am glad I didn't look like someone else on my wedding day.

Julia said...

you girls are the sweetest!! it was a pleasure working with you all!
we are so happy we got to be a part of your big day.