Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Wedding:The Inspiration

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Have you seen those TV shows that take a celebrity wedding and then duplicate the look for a chosen couple? They're pretty fun to watch, and it's neat to see the results and how they compare to the original. Brent and mine's wedding was very stongly inspired by a celebrity wedding. But it wasn't Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, or Nicole Kidman who came up with the perfect vision for us. It was the late John Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette whose 1996 nuptuals took my breath away at the first glimpse of their two published photos:

(Photos by Dennis Reggie)

So when it came time to start thinking about our own wedding, I pretty much knew how I wanted it to be. Candlelit at dusk in a worn old chapel with our closet friends and family around. Turns out Brent liked the idea too, which was a relief.

Here are a few photos from our big day:

(by Casey Benson)

I love the fact that this uber-rich couple, who could have had the most lavish affair anywhere in the world, chose to have it in a tiny run-down Baptist church on an island in Georgia. And what makes it cooler is that little old average folk like me can have the same wedding!

Once I had the vision in mind, it was time to search for the perfect venue that would bring it all to life. More on that next time.

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