Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Wedding: The Colors

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After we decided on our locations, it was time to figure out how we wanted out wedding to look. I read an article on The Knot that really helped guide me in the process. It said that you needed to decide on three elements for your wedding: colors, motif, and buzzwords. In this post I'll talk about how we picked out colors, and I'll address the other two elements soon.

I think color can set the tone for the day more than anything else perhaps. For our wedding, I really wanted to use coral (the pinkish/orange tone, not the reddish color of real coral) as our main color, simply because I love it so much. But we ended up using it as the secondary color because we felt that if the bridesmaids dresses were that color, it would blend in too much with the pink granite where we were doing a portion of our photos. I also really love green, but we couldn't do that either because it would blend too much with the green grass and trees that were everywhere in our pictures. Can you tell I was going for contrast? Yellow wouldn't work because it's not a flattering color on everyone. So by the process of elimination we came to our primary color: blue! (Peacock blue, to be specific.) And by default coral became our secondary color. And since I'm not so much of a silver person, gold became our metal and our tertiary color.

(photo by Casey)

Once I had decided on my colors I went to the home improvement store and picked out paint swatches that were the perfect shade of coral and blue. From then on those little samples informed all my color decisions. Our color scheme translated into blue bridesmaid dresses and ties and tablecloths, and coral flowers. (Actually the flowers were more pink and orange mixed together. Apparently coral is a really tricky color to find in nature.) Gold was found in our cake stand and cross decoration, the bridesmaids bouquet wraps, and our jewelry, among other places. Our beautiful invitations had all three colors, plus some. In the photo below you can see how well the blue contrasts with the green grass and the pink granite.

Here's a good article with tips on how to create and execute a "winning" color palette.

In my next post I'll talk about buzzwords and motif!

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