Monday, August 17, 2009

Nic & Cam: The Flowers

Before my sister's wedding I wrote a post on our chosen florist, and I just wanted to follow up with a review now. Iris with Pod Flowers did a beautiful job bringing Nicole's vision to life. Nicole wanted lush, modern, bright arrangements featuring hot pinks, greens, purples, and oranges, with some succulents mixed in. Look how pretty the bouquet and boutonniere turned out!

(photo by Casey Benson.)

We were especially stunned by the reception table centerpieces. They had modern elements like the bamboo sticks, and they were stuffed full of myriad different and unique flowers. I was able to take one home after the wedding and I could look at it over and over and always discover something new.

(photo by me.)

And the cake! Looks pretty nice huh? Would you believe it's from Randall's grocery store? Nicole had them bake and ice a very basic cake and then asked Iris to have fun with it. I think it turned out spectacularly and I also believe this is a wonderful way to help cut costs a bit if you need to.

(photo by me.)

Another great thing about Iris is that her prices were totally reasonable. I think if I recall correctly she even said during the consultation that what Nicole wanted was going to be under Nicole's budget. How cool is that? If you're a Houston bride be sure to give Pod Flowers a call. It looks like Iris's web site isn't working now so here's her phone number: (832) 385-9037.

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Nicole said...

Iris was great! My flowers were more than I expected or could have ever hoped for. Truly amazing and I gave her complete artistic license.