Friday, August 28, 2009

Our Wedding: Buzzwords and Motif

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After we had decided on a color scheme for our wedding, it was time to nail down our "buzzwords" and "motif". Again, this is something that The Knot really helped me out with. I read an article that said when you're planning your wedding you should try to define the two. A buzzword is simply an adjective that describes how you want your event to look and feel, such as casual, bohemian, preppy, whimsical, vintage, modern, etc. It was pretty clear to me that our buzzwords would be elegant and rustic. And that's one thing I loved about our wedding, that in some ways it was a play on contrasts. Elegant and rustic don't typically coexist happily, but for us I think they did. Think satin against rock, crystal against wood, lace against cactus...

(photo by Casey)

Which brings me to our motif. According to the dictionary, a motif is a design which is used as a decoration or as part of an artistic pattern. It's a repeating element that you incoporate throughout your day, such as polka dots, chandeliers, bumble bees, stripes, etc. We decided that ours would be crystal because it played up the contrasts we wanted. You don't usually see crystals out in the country amidst rock, dirt, and woods. We also had somewhat of a flower motif, which I'll expound on soon. I wrapped my bouquet stems in beautiful crystal trim, all the flowers had crystals nestled among them, our guest book had crystals on the cover, our cake had crystal trim on it, and we had cut glass candle holders and glass vases in our centerpieces. My jewelry and the bridesmaids' jewelry had clear crystals incorporated in the design.

This photo (of our sadly lumpy cake) shows quite a few of the crystal elements in action:

(photo by Casey)

When you're planning a wedding, picking your buzzwords and motif is an excellent way to define the feel of your day and create a really cohesive look throughout the entire event, from invitations to cake.

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Nicole said...

I completely agree with you! Thanks for giving me that advice during my planning.