Monday, September 7, 2009

Nic & Cam: The Shawls

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When it came to the bridesmaid ensembles, Nicole wanted us to wear something that was easy and cute, but also unique. She ruled out matching "bridesmaid dresses" pretty quickly when we couldn't find any that fit that criteria. So she had what I think is a pretty genius idea. She asked each of us to pick out our own long black dress, and then she gave us beautiful handmade shawls to wear over them. So we all felt pretty and comfortable in our own dresses, but Nicole achieved a really custom look with her bridesmaids ensembles.

The shawls were designed and created by Nicole's dear friend and bridesmaid Debbie of DebbieBarretJones (be sure to check out her Etsy shop.) Nicole wanted them to be in the blue-green family, and Debbie had the idea to make each one slightly different, so that they gradate from greenish to bluish when all the girls stand in line for the ceremony. You can see the effect here:

(photo by Casey Benson)

Pretty isn't it?

What I find truly amazing about these shawls is that Debbie DYES the thread herself, using the training she received in textile school. She is a true artist. Just look at the sublte gradations on this piece:

And here's an adorable picture of her weaving on a loom with her daughter looking on.

Nicole gave us the shawls as a bridemaid gift, and I continue to wear mine all the time. It's so soft and easy, but I know that I am wearing a work of art! (Indeed, Debbie has many of her pieces as permanent installations in buildings, and she also has been exhibited numerous times.)

I know this is one aspect of her wedding that Nicole loves to death, and I totally feel the same way. I love it when a bride can think of a way to make her wedding unique and beautiful, and at the same time honor her friend and patronize the arts!

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Nicole said...

My fav element of the wedding! I am so happy the bridesmaids liked it and I hope it was more enjoyable for them. THanks Debbie!

Georgeann said...

I love the text and pictures that go with this post. Ness, you do such a goo djob describing things and giving helpful information at the same time.