Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our Wedding: The Embellishments

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So I was finally done with ribbon, but I still needed bling to carry out my whole crystal motif idea.

First I ordered dozens of clear Swarovsky crystals from an online bead shop. Then I twisted them one by one onto the end of pieces of gold wire, and I now had my bouquet bling. I gave them to the florist to incorporate into the flowers.

(photo by Casey Benson.)

I also purchased some cheap plastic clear beads and wired them, and used them in the centerpieces (those are the ones shown in the first picture, and here they are in the pew arrangements/centerpieces).

(photo by Casey)

Next, armed with my trusty 40% off coupon, I ordered and purchased and entire bolt of crystal trim. I used this to wrap my bouquet, Brent's boutonniere, and the cake layers. What's great is that I've been able to use all these embellishments post-wedding in my gift wrapping.

Whew, after writing all this out I can imagine it looks like I spent way too much energy on my wedding details. And maybe for the average bride, that would be true. But not for me! I would do it all over in a heartbeat because it's what excites me and gives me energy.

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