Monday, October 19, 2009

Kim & Josh

Kim and Josh had a fabulous wedding out at The Villa, and today I have their highlights to show you. Kim is one of those gals that oozes personality and energy, so needless to say the event was lots of fun. Two of the big highlights occurred at the reception, where each couple in the wedding party made their entrance to a different song with unique choreography. Then, for the father/daughter dance, Kim and her dad broke out a fantastic choreographed routine for everyone's entertainment. Another thing I liked about this wedding was that they opted to do a first look. (During which they played their favorite song in the background, which I think is a great idea.) So we got to galavant around the Villa grounds and have some fun before the formalities began.

Check it all out!

Kim & Josh from Vanessa McKellar on Vimeo.

Location: Villa di Felicita
Photographer: Alex M Photography; you can see his pics of the wedding here
DJ: CMB Music Productions

Kim said, "I just got wedding video in and it was great surprise. I watched it and it was amazing, I loved it! It was so incredible!"

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Nicole said...

Nice work. Looks like they're having fun and you sure got some great shots of faces, like the bride and her father when they're dancing. Also, nice camera skills/light adjustment when going from outside to inside, flawless! I wonder what they're all doing in a circle at the reception but I think I'd like it...togetherness. Another great job by VMP.

Anonymous said...

Nicole - we are doing the Aggie War Hymn. Just an fyi. =)