Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Wedding: The Dress

If you've been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I purchased my wedding dress on eBay for $400. It was a European couture gown by Harriet de Prag, and the original price was $3,517.00. Pretty cool huh? I even took a day to officially dress shop with my mom and girlfriends, and we all loved my lil' old dress the most.

In this post, I want to talk about ways that I customized my dress and made it my own. For a $400 gown that you purchase sight-unseen on the internet, you're not likely to get everything you want. First off, I had to get it altered. While it did fit surprisingly well, it had to be taken in in some parts. After I had my bridal photo session (which you will see here later), I realized that it was too short in the front. While that's a pretty tricky problem to fix, I was fortunate that the dress came with an assymetrical one-sleeved lace jacket. So I took that to the tailor and had them sew some of that lace onto the bottom front hem of the dress, and presto!- perfect length.

The next thing I did to my dress was blingify it, in keeping with my crystal theme. I bought dozens and dozens of tiny clear Swarovsky crystals online and had my seamstress hand sew each one onto the lace of my bodice and the hem. It was very subtle, but I'm glad I did it. I had to sparkle on my wedding day!

Granted, there were a few drawbacks to buying a floor sample dress. Some of the lace was a little worn, and I didn't have the benefit of in-house bridal boutique alterations. Probably the worst part was the big black mark that was on my train. I tried to get it off, but I couldn't, so I forgot about it. But I love this picture. It shows Mary and Erika on the wedding day fervently trying to remove the mark while I was out of the room. I think it's so sweet that they cared more about it than I did!

Up next: my accessories!

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e* said...

Aww. I was so worried about the stain! I'm glad you were relaxed enough to know that it didn't really matter. :)