Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Weddingbee Buzz

If you're one of my loyal readers you know that I link and refer to Weddingbee quite often. I even wrote an entire post about it two years ago. Weddingbee is a blog with multiple soon-to-be-wed (or just-wed) contributers, and as of August it was the most visited wedding planning blog on the internet. I followed it loyally and over time sort of got to know the different bride bloggers. In the past year or so I've had to gradually wean myself off of checking it every day because it can be so time consuming. But now I have a new reason to check it out: I'm videotaping the wedding of one of the bloggers- Miss Frozen Yogurt!

A friend of Brooke and Matt's told Miss Fro Yo about us recently and she was able to work us into her budget. I'm so happy she did and I know she will be too! To be a Weddingbee blogger you have to be quite the savvy bride, and for her to appreciate our work is such a compliment. She blogged about us last week and showed Erika and Phil's Super 8 trailer. (She loves Super 8 and will be getting some of it in her video; it's a perfect match for her modern/vintage theme.)

Miss Frozen Yogurt is getting married at a beautiful location in Dallas this spring and we can't wait to be there to capture it all on film!

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Nicole said...

Well, Ms. Fro Yo has great taste and I hope many more people get to enjoy the benefits of your work. Cuz you're awwwwwwsome!

Kelsey said...

Aww, thanks Vanessa!! I'm so excited to get to work with you!

Kim R said...

Glad I could hook you two up...can't wait to see more amazing videos of my friends :)

Georgeann said...

I want to have to say to Ms. Fro Yo is Vanessa is the real deal: warmth, talent and an immense desire to make her customers (aka friends) happy as a lark.