Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Gold!!

I am pleased to announce that Brent and I won another video production award! This time it was a Gold (the highest awarded) in the Dallas Fort Worth Professional Videographers Association's annual competition, which is judged by fellow event videographers. We were one of only four studios to win a Gold so we're pretty honored.

The winning video? Erika and Phil's wedding in the woods trailer!

Erika & Phil Trailer from Vanessa McKellar Productions on Vimeo.

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e* said...

yay! Congratulations! I definitely think you earned it with this one. ;)

Nicole said...

Mucho bueno Cam says. You two deserve it for sure. You certainly had wonderful subjects and scenes. Congrats!

Georgeann said...

I need a tissue...again. How touching and how peaeful this was. I know the bride and you captured her essense so exquisitely! Congrats Vanessa and Brent!