Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our Wedding: The Accessories

My last "Our Wedding" post was about my dress, and now I get to talk about my accessories.

First off, the veil. When I went dress shopping I tried on a very pretty two-tier cathedral length veil that had swarovski crystals dangling from it. I told my seamstress about it, and what it cost, and she insisted that she could make one just as good for a fraction of the price. I thought it was a great idea and let do her thing. But when she showed me the finished piece...no so much. At first I didn't see how bad it was, but luckily I have an honest mom who gently told me that it didn't quite compare to the orginal. (Basically it was just a long rectangle of tulle with barely rounded corners sewn onto a comb. Really quite horrible.)

My mom broke the news to me like a week or something before the wedding, so we had to call the bridal shop (Brides and Beaux in Colleyville) and ask them if we could buy their floor sample. It was white and silver instead of off-white and gold, but I figured that was better than the alternative. We were able to purchase it, and I tea-dyed the veil in my kitchen sink to make it match my dress better. And it was perfect! (I did use the short veil my seamstress made for me for the reception. I was a bride only one day of my life and I wanted to wear a veil ALL DAY!)

My jewelry was a beautiful set that I purchased at Nordstrom. The bridesmaids wore gold and crystal necklaces that I purchased for them from Dasha Boutique. I wore two garters: one of them was made by my seamstress out of the fabric that the guys' ties were made of (and the tablecloths, guest book, etc.), and the other was a family heirloom that my aunt lent me. And my shoes were a cute pair of peep-toe flats from Aldo in the mall. I searched high and low for some flats with bling on them, but unless I wanted to spend $300 on a pair from Zappos, I had to settle for no bling.

Oh, and I guess I should talk about our rings! Our wedding rings are super special to us. My set was handed down to me from my great grandmother Mama Flo; it's circa the 1920's. I didn't know her, but of course it's special nonetheless to always being wearing a family treasure. And Brent's ring was his beloved grandfather's, who passed away about a year before we started dating. I'm sad I never got to meet him because I hear so many great things about him, especially from Granny. I think Granny loves it that Brent is wearing Pop's ring. And what's neat is that our rings match so well; they both have gold and white gold on them.

Up next, my hair and make-up!

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Georgeann said...

I remember well the fun times of planning, those many months before your wedding. Vanessa, what a privilege it was to share it with someone like you: fun, caring, full of love for your family and fiance, and creativity busting out all over!