Friday, February 12, 2010

Erika & Phil: Their Feature Length Film

I absolutely couldn't resist posting Erika and Phil's entire video. Of course I understand that not everyone will watch the whole thing, but for those of you that are so inclined, pop yourself a bowl of popcorn and make yourself comfy. And bring the tissues.

A few things to keep in mind:

- This wedding was essentially a destination wedding for everyone, so I wanted to take some time to really convey a feel for the location and the drive up there.
- It's fun for me to start coverage really early and see what kind of interesting things take place before the rush of the day begins (yoga, anyone?)
- Erika and her mom have a code word for when they're about to cry too much: "Boing!"
- Erika's older brother was the officiant for the ceremony
- Erika provided just about all the music. I used a total of 20 songs in her entire DVD.

Erika said, "Vanessa, our video came yesterday. Somehow between teaching last night and working this morning, we have still managed to watch it three times already. I love getting to see all the moments that I missed, all the precious expressions on the faces of our families, and hearing us say our vows to each other again made my heart swell with joy. I also LOVED the dance scenes in Super 8, especially David. Doesn't he look like he's famous? And I loved how you captured the anticipation preceding the ceremony, the heart of the ceremony, and the pure joy following. You've got real talent. We are so grateful. I only wish there would have been another videographer there who could have gotten special *you* on film."

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Nicole said...

So beautiful and wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole thing, and am so glad you posted it - utterly beautiful! The vows were especially thoughful and touching.

Clarity Photography said...

So beautiful Vanessa, I really felt like I was there. You made me wish I was!

Vanessa McKellar said...

Thanks so much ladies!