Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Brooke & Matt's Highlights

Allow me to (re)introduce you to Brooke and Matt, one of my favorite couples of all time. Brooke and I shared a table with two other girls in our 8th grade English class with Mrs. Maples. We had a great time together, gave each other nicknames, all that stuff. Over the years we lost contact, but through the wonders of Facebook we reconnected. She checked out our blog, fell in love with our work, and was able to book us shortly before her wedding in Fort Worth. Matt went to the same school as us, but he was two years older. I never really knew him, but after chatting with him for 30 minutes (!) on the phone one day before the wedding, we felt like old buddies.

You've probably seen their trailer here before, so you know how much fun their wedding was. What was so fun for me was just how much into her wedding film Brooke was. There was one moment after the ceremony when everyone was hugging, and Brooke paused, glanced at me, and said to Matt, "I'm so glad Vanessa is here documenting this." And when she was getting ready, she even quoted things that I had written on my blog. That was certainly a treat for me!

When you watch the highlights below, you'll see what a stunning woman Brooke is. The camera just loved this girl! We got some beautiful and fun shots during Kristin's photo shoot before the ceremony. During the ceremony, you'll see everyone cracking up- that was when the officiant realized half way through that he had forgotten to tell everyone to be seated. After everything was official, and group photos were taken, Brooke and Matt changed into cowboy boots and jeans, respectively. They then walked hand in hand through downtown Fort Worth to the rooftop of Reata restaurant. These two are super into country music (in fact, their relationship blossomed on a back porch, talking and listening to music over wine), and so it was only fitting that the entertainment for the reception was the uber talented Max Stalling. In spite of the chill and rain, everyone had a blast.

The ending to this highlights is perhaps my favorite yet. After their getaway to the sound of cowbells, Matt and Brooke had a passionate, excited, relieved kiss in front of the elevator. Down on the sidewalk they shared yet another happy kiss. With the hem of Brooke's wedding dress soaked and muddy, they turned and set off together into the city night. Happily ever after.

Got the video and watched it this weekend with the hubby. We love it so much!!!! You incorporated our favorite songs so perfectly and that was SO important to us. I must have seen every clip on your blog but nothing prepares you or compares to it being about your day. It's truly magical and very emotional...

I am so, so glad we decided to have you guys work with us...we will treasure this video FOREVER. What a better way to celebrate each anniversary than with a "movie night" :-) Thank you a million times over for a wonderful gift and congratulations at being so good at your job :-)

Brooke & Matt

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e* said...

What a beautiful, relaxed couple and wedding! Congratulations Brooke and Matt, and great job VMP!