Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Awesome Vendor Interview: Alex M Photography

Here's an interview with one of my favorite wedding photographers (and a good friend of mine and Brent's) Mr. Maldonado of Alex M Photography. This guy is great to work with: he's funny, relaxed, creative, caring and obviously very talented. If you want, you can watch this little video I made for him a long time ago.

Introduce yourself to my readers!
Hello, I'm AlexM. I've been married to an amazing woman named Danielle for almost 8 years. We made 4 little people: Joseph, Sara, Luke, & Eli. I take fancy pictures at weddings for a living. We homeschool our kids and I can't believe I get to work from home and spend all day with my family. It's a great job and it still seems like a dream.

You're pretty quick to talk about your family and personal life on your "professional" site. Why is that?

I feel like weddings are a very personal and intimate event. If you are having someone spend your whole day with you, you should know a bit about them and maybe even like them. Since my couples trust me enough to invite me into their lives, I feel it's only fair that I should let them be a part of mine.

Do you want your kids to grow up and all be wedding photographers?

I don't want my kids to grow up at all. I would totally freeze them at these ages and play with them forever. If they have to grow up, then based on their current personalities, these are the careers I would pick for my kids:

Joseph: Professional Lego-er (He likes to build)
Sara: Mom (She loves to cook, dress baby dolls, and tell people what to do.)
Luke: Boy Band (Music & dancing make his day. He has a little Bro-mance going with Zac Efron)
Eli: Dinosaur (He is large and likes to eat and crush things)

Tell us one thing your clients should know about you.

I like black t-shirts. In fact, they're basically all I wear. It's one less decision to make everyday. They are slimming and comfortable. :)

If you could get married again, what would you do differently?

We were engaged for about 4 months and the whole wedding planning process was not that big a deal to either Danielle or I. We really just wanted to get married. But a lot of people around us insisted that the wedding be this big ordeal. We really "fought" for our right to have a small ceremony with few guests. We are both glad we did that. The only thing I would have changed was not seeing Danielle before the ceremony. The whole day really is a blur and I wish we could have had more time together to really soak up the day. [Check out Alex's series on First Looks.]

What is your favorite part about your job?

I love meeting my couples and getting to know them. It's amazing how after only a few hours together I feel like I know them, and by the time their wedding rolls around I feel just as invested in their relationship as the rest of their friends and family. I'm laughing and crying along with all the guests and love knowing that I get to capture and document the day for them.

Describe your ideal couple?

I love clients who can give me a bit of direction on who they are as a couple. Then they sit back and let me run with it. I love really tapping into the uniqueness of my couples. I want all my sessions to be different because my couples are different. I try very hard to not make every engagement session about standing on a railroad track or dipping a girl and kissing her.

What is one thing all brides should know?

Your fiance' is putting on a show. Once you get married he will be slightly ruder, spend less time with you, and get on your nerves more. :) But it's OK because you are doing the same thing to him. We all put on a bit of a show and try to impress each other. Once you say "I do," a new level of security enters the relationship and you feel like you can let another layer of walls down. Once this happens, if you are willing to work through these new changes together, you'll be fine and end up falling more in love with each other.

What are some of your favorite photos you've taken and why?
Lauren mentioned she wanted a cool photo with the guys. So rather than have them pick her up or something cheesy, we went with a Marilyn Monroe-ish pose with the groom's brother crawling under her dress. I LOVE this shot.

Erika and Phil chose to only have immediate family at their wedding. They ended up with 11 people total attending the wedding. It was such an honor to share the day with them and I knew I was capturing something that her friends and family would be using to experience the day for the first time.

Brides, if you're in the market for a photographer for your wedding contact Alex right now. Here's his email: And here's his phone number: 903.729.4884.

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