Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kelsey & Sean

Kelsey (aka Mrs. Frozen Yogurt, of Weddingbee fame) and Sean wanted a "beautiful, vintage yet modern" wedding and boy did they get just that. The events took place at Marie Gabrielle, a restaurant and gardens nestled among the skyscrapers of downtown Dallas. Branches, trees, and leaves were everywhere: the invitations, the centerpieces, tables numbers, guest book- I loved it. You could tell that there was a lot of thought and planning that went into every detail. The colors were green, grey and cream, very understated and classy. The bridesmaids were able to pick their own grey dress and super cute shoes, and the guys looked dapper in grey suits and green patterned ties. And of course Kelsey was a vision in her beautiful dress and striking blue Manolos.

Now, I can't talk about this wedding without talking about the rain. Not because the rain was a big deal and it ruined everything- not at all. But it did make me think about a bride's best laid plans, and how it can be if things don't go the way she hoped. Kelsey, being a contributer for the most popular wedding blog in the world, was probably under no small amount of pressure to have her big day unfold perfectly. Thousands of readers had been following her planning process for months, and I think it's safe to guess that she was rather invested in a certain image of her day. And that image didn't include moving the ceremony indoors to avoid a storm. Needless to say, she was disappointed.

But it was Kelsey's attitude despite her disappointment that made an impression on me. That's why I included her quote at the beginning of her sneak peek here: "I don't care that it's raining, and I don't care that things didn't go perfect. I just love you and I'm excited to be your wife." Ladies and gentlemen, that is what it's all about.

Here is a sneak peek we put together for the two, and it even has a little Super 8 thrown in for the vintage effect. Stay tuned for their feature film.

Location: Marie Gabrielle
Photographer: Modern Life Studios
Florist: Haute Events and Floral Design
DJ: Doug Biter with DoubleTake Productions
Officiant: Ken Byrd with Love Notes

Kelsey said, "Oh. My. God! I love it!! I've already watched it about 5 times and I'm at work!! I am giddy over it, it's seriously perfect. You captured everything so beautifully. :)"

You can read Kelsey's blog post about her trailer here.

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Kelsey said...

I know you've heard my comments several times already, but I seriously love it, and your words are so sweet. Thanks for everything!!