Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Maresch Family '10

Every year I get asked to make a video of five of my favorite people ever- The Maresch's. This was a special year for the family, because they bought their first house! Part of the video is the kids showing me their new home (they were so excited) and then working off some of that energy dancing together in the living room. We also captured them on Super 8 film before they made the big move, goofing around at the football field near their old place.

Isn't the affection they all share for each other palpable?

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I would like to take a moment just to talk about J*, the oldest daughter. Ten years ago (three months after they got married) M* and R* told me they were pregnant while we were driving out to the country for the weekend. I screamed so loud R* bit his tongue; I couldn't believe it. I took pictures of M* once a week as her belly grew, and then the day came when I got the call that the baby was on its way. I raced to the hospital in a near panic, fearing I was too late. Lucky for me, I wasn't, but not as luckily for M*. R* and I together proved to be rather annoying during labor- we were excited and therefore rambunctious, joking, and not paying perfect attention. Not how you should be around a woman giving birth :) We still laugh about that today. (M* says the epidural was the only thing that saved her from ripping R*'s head off.) I was asked to document the event, so I took photos on my old still camera; I didn't even own a video camera at the time. That was my first time to witness a birth, and I've been privileged to document the other kids' births too.

So now little J* was in the world and she was of course precious. I paced the large front porch of M* and R*'s big old rental house in Austin's west campus area, holding J* and murmuring to her in Spanish because I wanted to prep her mind to be bilingual. I remember the day she was baptized in her beautiful white little gown.

Not too long after that, they moved away from Austin (taking a little bit of my heart with them.) Now I'll be frank- as J* grew up, she went through a phase where she didn't have the most sugary-sweet temperament, and I was a little disappointed. But lo and behold, a few years ago that mean streak just melted away and left pure sweetness it its wake. "Sweet" is simply the best way to describe this girl. She's also funny, clever, caring, silly, and loving- everything you hope for in a little girl. I think you can see in the video above just how sweet she is.

Tonight J* is spending the night at our house and I'm really excited about it. We're going to make brownies together. She eats really well, but she's also a huge sucker for junk food. After we eat dinner and brownies, and maybe watch a movie, I'll show her this post on the computer. And hopefully she'll understand just how much her Auntie loves her.

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Georgeann said...

I so wish you were still up so I could call you and tell you how much I LOVED your post about Jaden and also her picture of the canned whipped cream. No wonder ya'll have fun. How could you go wrong with Vanessa, food and a camera...maybe the bull will show up in your yard tomorrow morning.

Here's to all the countless times I've had fun with my daughter, Vanessa. Let the good times roll!